About us

Il Guscio E5 Ristorante Pizzeria

This colourful Italian restaurant specialises in the food and wine of Sardinia, and has a dedicated clientele who, frankly, would rather keep it to themselves.

Not surprising, really, because this place near Hackney Central and is a true gem. As a general rule, drink Sicilian and eat Sardinian. Excellent pasta dishes and oven baked bread. The atmosphere at this stylish place is serene, the service charming.

Il Guscio Pizzeria devotes equal attention to the grape as to the food, which means that each dish, be it a delicious seafood risotto or one of the freshly baked pizzas, comes recommended with a particular glass of house wine (or you can pick from the enormous wine list if you have ideas of your own).

Il Guscio Pizzeria is based at 90 Lower Clapton Road, London E5 0QR - Tel. 020 7502 3288 - 020 8533 7063. It's a great place to go for a nice meal with friends or partner!